Optimization of Flight Track Autonomous on Precision Farming Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles For Foliar Farming

L D Soelaksini, F E Purnomo, F L Afriansyah, N Muna, Ika Widiastuti


Spraying on agriculture by humans has a shortage of high costs, the efficiency of time and costs becomes a problem with the extent of agricultural land, the wider the area the higher the time and costs incurred, Accuracy in the spraying process in agricultural land is important because of the accuracy in spraying directly proportional to the accuracy of the agricultural land and objects sprayed, not exactly spraying will make it inefficient, in this study research will be carried out on altitude with the best spray area, for the process of spraying on agricultural land and useful for reducing costs, time effectiveness and accuracy of sprays in the field of agricultural land that has been determined. So that engineering must be pursued that is able to carry out fertilization and spraying activities quickly, efficiently and accurately. The method that will be used for this problem is to make a prototype of a fertilizer spraying system using liquid media on a platform of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

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