Decision Making in Determining Process Priority for Dairy Milk Quality Improvement: a study in the application of AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process)

Uyun Erma Malika, J C A Wijaya, A H Miqawati


Dairy milk as a part of the farming sub-sector results has great potentials to support food resilience, one of which is by increasing the quality of dairy milk production. The purpose of this study was to know the most appropriate alternative process to be applied for improving the quality of dairy milk production. This research employed quantitative descriptive method with case study at Galur Murni Dairy Farmers Cooperative in Jember Regency, East Java, Indonesia. The analytical method used in this research was Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), which was begun from problem identification, hierarchy arrangement, priority setting for each criterion by implementing pairwise comparison, to consistency analysis which consisted of Consistency Index (CI) and Consistency Ratio (CR) calculation. Revision of opinion was carried out if the value of CR> 0,100. It was done by finding the value of RMS (Rood Mean Square) row deviation from and ratio of column weight value. From the findings, the main priority in improving the quality of dairy milk starts from counseling the farmers, that is equal to 0,307 with inconsistency value of 0,10.

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