Analysis Attitude To Participation of Agro-Tourism Management at KUD Argopuro (Argopuro Village Cooperation), Krucil District, Probolinggo Regency, East Java

Tanti Kustiasari, Rizal Rizal


Village  cooperations  (KUD)  Argopuro  succeefully  produce  a  good  quality  of  milk and become a supplier of fresh milk to the dairy industry. Their successfully in milk production is caused by the participation in cattle cultivation, processing industry and participation  in the creative economic. All the participation of them can support the attractiveness of  agro-tourism. This study was aimed : (1) analyzing the attitude of KUD management in the implementation of agro-tourism,  (2)  analysis  of  the  impact  attitude  on  participation  of  village  cooperations management  to  implement  agro  tourism  industry.  The  research  is  Ex  post  facto  which  takes from July to August 2018. The technique of sampling was a census sampling with 67 peoples. The analysis tool used Path Analysis. The result showed: (1) Argopuro KUD management had a positive  attitude  of  the  quality  of  dairy  cow  agro-tourism  management.  A  positive  attitude contains the attitude of self-development to increase the competence in organizing agro-tourism, and awareness of the internalization of the quality management values of tourism agro-tourism. (2)  the  attitude  of  agro-tourism  management  has  influenced  the  participation  of  quality  agro- tourism  managerial.  (3)  the  attitude  and  participation  of  agro-tourism  management  has influenced the sustainability of tourism agro-tourism services.

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