Analysis of consumers’ attitude on vegetables purchase at Yogyakarta traditional market

Abdul Rohman


Abstract. Vegetables  are  important  source  of  vitamins  and  minerals  which  are  benefit  for  the body.  Vegetables  can  be  obtained  easily  and  cheaply  in  various  places,  however  based on  Basic Health Research Data (Riskesdas) 2013, the national average of vegetables consumption (93.5 %) categorized as low. There are many factors that influence the purchase of vegetables, including the attitude towards  vegetables. Attitude  towards  the  vegetables  attributes  may  vary  due  to  the evaluation (expectations  before  purchasing  vegetables)  and  belief  (responses  after  consuming vegetables) of the product atrributes. This study aims to identify the characteristics of vegetables’ consumers,  to  determine  the  consumers'  attitudes  toward  vegetables,  and  to  identify  and  analyze the attributes that influence consumers’ in purchasing vegetables. The method of this research was descriptive  with  conventional  /  accidental  sampling  method.  Samples  of  this  research  were consumers who purchase vegetables at Yogyakarta Traditional Market. Data were analyzed using descriptive  analysis  and  fishbein  multi  attribute  analysis  methods.  The  results  show  that  the characteristics of vegetables’ consumers were dominated by women, married, advanced education level, employed with age range of 21-30 years and an average monthly income is Rp 1,000,000 - Rp.  2,000,000.  The  results  of  fishbein  multi-attribute  analysis  show  that  highest  score  of  the attribute of evaluation and belief is the benefits of vegetables, which are e i = 4.44 and b i = 4.31 respectively.    This  research indicates  that  the  consumers’attitudes on  vegetables  purchase  at Yogyakarta  Traditional  Market  categorized  as  good  (A0 =  131.995,  interval  scale  :  good  =  125- 163).

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