Growth Performance of Quail Hen (Coturnix coturnix Japonica) Fed with Different Energy Levels During Rearing until Point of Lay

Rosa Tri Hertamawati, Suyadi Suyadi, Edhy Soedjarwo, Osfar Sjofjan


Growth  performance responses  of 300 quails hen to qualitative feed restriction  during  rearing  were  measured. The  research was an  experimental observation  applying  Complete  Randomized Nested Design. The  quails maintained  under  two  feeding restriction  programs feeding  allotted  to  2  dietary regimes, based on Metabolize Energy (ME) R1= 2900 kcal/kg; R2 = 2800 kcal/kg and  quantitative  restricted  feeding;  P0  =  100%  of ad  libitum;  P1  =  90%  of ad libitum and  P2  =  80%  of ad  libitum (N=  300).  Each  group  (n=  50)  has five replicates containing  10  birds  each. Restricted  feeding  treatment  is  done  for fourteen  days  old  quail  until  its  sexual  maturity.  After  its  sexual  maturity,  the feeding is given in ad libitum. Observation is conducted for the feed consumption, the body weight gain, the feed conversion in growth period, and days to first egg. The  results  of  experiment  indicate  that  the  restricted  feeding  consequently decreasing (P<0.01) on the body weight gain and feed conversion, however, it did not  show  significant  influence  (P>0.05)  on body  weight  at  sexual  maturity. Restricted feeding 80% ad libitum significantly (P<0.01) delayed the days to first egg  until  9  days. Growth  performance  of  quail  was not  affected  by both  of the energy metabolize of ration. Due to the best conversion ratio, it’s suggested that feed  restriction  90%  ad libitum  with  EM 2900  kcal/kg  can  be  used  without reduction quail production performance.

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