In Vitro Studies: Potential Use of Sambiloto (Andropogus paniculata) and Other Herbal Formulation as an Anti-Cholesterol Agent

Retno Widyani


Natural materials have excellent prospects in the field of health and beauty. The use of  chemicals  in  the  field  of  health  and  beauty  has  negative  impacts.  Indonesia  is  an extraordinarily  rich  country  of  natural  materials.  Natural  materials  that  can  be  used  include fruit,  leaves,  tubers,  wood,  fish,  and  animals.  These  natural  ingredients  are also  called  herbs. The  purpose  of  this  study  to  determine  the  affectivity  of  formulation  heart  care:  Sambiloto (Andropogus paniculata) 35%, Sirih (Piper battle) 25%, Jahe (Zingiber officinale) 25%, Pala (Myristica  fragrans) 15%.The study used in vitro method. Cholesterol blood liquid made with isotonic  liquid,  Calsium  and  yellow  egg  similar  as  cholesterol  content  in  blood  200  mg/dl. Formula heart care used 20 mg/dl,  40 mg/dl and 60 mg/dl. Method MU/INST/4 (GC) used to analysis cholesterol at Centre of Agro-Based Industry, Bogor.  The result of this study showed that cholesterol level decrease from 200 ml/dl to 8.81 mg/100 g at dose 20 mg/dl, 8.79 mg/100 gram  at  dose  40  mg/dl    and  52.0  mg/100  gram  at  dose  60  mg/dl.  The  best  dose  to  decrease blood cholesterol is 20-40  mg/dl to decrease cholesterol. This study indicated that Sambiloto and other  herbal formulation   potential to decrease cholesterol in plasma blood.  Key  words: Andropogus paniculata, cholesterol, MU/INST/4 (GC) method, in vitro studies, potential

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