Effect of Supplementing Tamarind Seed Husk in Ration on Productive Performance of Fattening Dairy Steer

Somjit Thanomwongwatatana


This  study  aimed  to  investigate  nutrient  composition  and  effects  of  tamarind  seed husk  (TSH)  in  rations  onproductive  performance  of  fattening  dairy  steers.The  TSH  samples from tamarind starch factory were examinednutritional compositions by the proximate analysis and  detergent  method  while  the  bomb  calorimeter  was  used  to  determine  gross  energy.    The results  showed  crude  protein(CP),  fat,  crude  fibers(CF),  nitrogen  free  extract  (NFE),  ash, neutral detergent fiber (NDF), acid detergent fiber (ADF) and gross energy(GE) at 7.23, 0.74, 20.87, 57.44, 1.35, 29.15, 34.74% dry matter and 4,200 Kcal/kg, respectively.  For astudy on effects of TSH in rations on productive performance of fattening dairy steers, 20 at least 87.5% of crossbred Holstein-Friesian steers were divided into 5 groups (block).  Steers in each group were fed  with rations supplemented  with 4 various levels of TSH: 0,2,5, 5.0 and 7.5% at the ratio of 2% of body weight.  Steers were allowed straw and water ad libitum.  The data were analyzed  by  the  randomizedcomplete  block  design.    No  significant  differences  were  found among  treatments  (P>0.05).    The  growth  rates  were  averaged  at  1.16,  1.10,  1.09  and  1.20 kg/steer/day.  The feed conversion rates were 6.93, 7.48, 7.76 and 7.47, and the average feed costs per 1 kg of weight gain were 61.02, 61.54, 64.64, and 59.53 baht, respectively.  It can be concluded that the supplementation of TSH at 0-7.5% in steer rations seems to be practical at the farm.

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