Whole human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) from Urine Pregnant Women to Manipulate Invivo followed by estrus and pregnancy of Etawah Crossbred Goats

Herry Agoes Hermadi, Raden Tatang Santanu Adikara, Sunaryo Hadi Warsito


Isolation  of  urine  hCG  accumulated  1–3  months,  filtrated  by  chromatography Sephadex G-100. At a temperature of 4oC with charcoal and ethanol 1:1 in 4oC Ultra centrifuge were  continued  the  precipitate  diluted  on  PBS  Concentration  of hCG  by  using  Bioassay technology  Laboratory  urine  pregnant.  The  result  showed absorbancy  OD 0,133 with the concentration 13.444 mIU/L. Used of 20 Etawah Crossbred Goats divided become 2 groups. Group I 10 tails are etawah goats control received twice PGf2α 15 mg IM with interval 11 days 72 after the last injected of PGf2α the estrous will be showed 500 IU Chorullon intervet IM and hCG on day 9 and hCG urine on day 13, and give AI. Group II have twice prostatglandin with the same time wit the control groups, but they feceived 500 IU chorulon intervet IM on day 9 and hCG urine on day13. The sign of estrus will be shown on day 14 and served of AI. 45 days late after tratment between control an research groups used abdominal palpation for pregnancies tets. The result showed  that no significant differences p>0.05. The conclusion is not different between hCG Chorullon intervet (patent product) and Indonesian Product of human Chorionik gonadotropin (hCG).

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