The Microbiological Study: Blowing on the Hot Food

fathimah fathimah, Muhammad Iqbal, Nurul Azizah Choiriyah, Inma Yunita Setyorini


T Background: Blew hot food and drink before eaten has become the culture in the community, especially when the mothers feed their baby. Although their purpose is to prevent the food and drink to be more cool down before eaten, but another side the treatment blow food can have the effect of the movement of the micro-organisms that exist in the mouth to the food and drink that they blown. The food is one of the best facilities in the growth of microorganisms that can be a place of diseases because the food contaminated by microorganisms that comes from the mouth of the human, there are many microbes and influenced by the health of the body. Purpose: to know the difference between the number of microorganisms on the hot food that is blown and not blown. Method: Experimental research Completely Randomized Design with 2 treatments, there are blown and not blown samples. The calculation of the number of microbes  directly  using  the  tool  of  a  colony  counter.  Result:  there  is  a  significant difference (p ≤ 0.05) between blown and not blown samples, the number of microbes in  the  blown  samples  greater  than  not  blown  samples.  Conclusion:  there  is  a significant  difference  in  the  number  of  microorganisms  between  the  blown  and  not blown.

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