Coconut Sugar Craftsmen Business Group in Wonosobo-Banyuwangi Village As a Helicos Center (Healthy Coconut Sugar)

Elly Kurniawati, Rinda Nurul K, Arinda Lironika, Prawidya Destarianto


The partner village development program (PPDM) has been carried out about the production of ant sugar from coconut sap in the village of Wonosobo, Banyuwangi Regency as a college partner. This activity is intended to assist government programs in the development of coconut sugar products into Healthy Coconut Sugar (Helicos) products. This is expected to be the main icon and driver of the Village to become the center of Helicos products. The service program activities are carried out on April 16 - July 4, 2018. In the implementation of this activity, participants who work as print palm sugar producers participated. With this activity, partners get new understanding and skills in making innovation-based palm sugar. Community service is carried out by coaching partners through diversification of coconut sugar products into Helicos ants, improving product quality by applying hygine-sanitation, K3 during harvesting, processing and storage. The results of the dedication program can be seen from: 1) skills and safety improvement for coconut climbers with the help of coconut climbing equipment; 2) the ability of partners in handling the correct post harvest of coconut juice; 3) ability to produce ants sugar by crystallization method using the help of a crystalliser, dryer cabinet (cabinet dryng) and penepung (disk mill), so that the sugar is ready to be packaged. The use of tools or machines in the manufacture of ants sugar will help increase production capacity, reduce labor costs and maintain the quality of ant sugar. This can increase income, consumer acceptance and expand marketing.

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