Physical Characteristics, Organoleptic Property And Dietary Fiber Content On Gourd Fruit Flour Additions To Nile Tilapia Nugget

Angelina Swaninda Nareswara, Siti Sarah, Devillya Puspita Dewi


Gourd Fruit is a fruit that is rarely used by people, which has a fiber content of 0.5% per 100 g, and when used as fiber quantity of the flour added. flour can increase. Processed meat products  have  potential  to  be  added  with  dietary  fiber  such  as  processed  tilapia  nuggets.  The average Indonesian population consumes 10.5 g of fiber per day. This value only reaches half of the recommended fiber adequacy. To know the effects of Physical Characteristics, Organoleptic Property And Dietary Fiber Content of food on nile tilapia nugget making with addition of gourd fruit flour. Types of pure experimental studies, RAL trial design, with 4 variations of Gourd Fruit starch  addition  (0%,  5%,  10%  and  15%).  Data  collected  are  the  data  on  physical  properties, organoleptic and dietary fiber content. The best physical properties result is the color on nugget C (yellow packing) and aroma on nugget D (typical of Gourd Fruit) from variant nuggets. As for taste (typical of fish) and texture (rather hard) are the same for all variations. All nuggets have the same  flavor  (all  typical  of  fish)  and  texture  (rather  hard).  There  is  a  difference  of  nuggets favorability  level  for  color  indicator  (p =  0,004)  based  on  variation  of  kundur  fruit  flour.  The addition of Gourd Fruit flour did not give the difference of aroma (p = 0,254), flavor (p = 0,063), and texture (p = 0,318) nuggets. The higher the addition of Gourd Fruit powder to the nuggets, the higher the nugget fiber content (p <0.001). There are some effects of adding Gourd Fruit flour to the color and fiber content of nile tilapia nugget.

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