Stability evaluation and Emotional Sensory Mapping of PET-Packaging Tea Products

Dase Hunaefi, Nancy D Yuliana, Marthin Rynald, Dede R Adawiyah


Tea is one of the most popular drinks in Indonesia. However, there is limited researchs on emotional sensory mapping in relation to the attributes of tea products. In addition, stability of the tea in PET bottles is one of the problems faced by tea producers in Indonesia. Focus Group Discussion was performed to develop the questionnaire while CATA (Check All That Apply) sensory  method  was  applied  for  the  attributes  of  the  tea  products  and  related  emotions.  Five brands of the PET tea bottles were stored in room temperature, 37 oC and 45 oC incubators. Total polyphenols,  theaflavins,  thearubigins,  and  pH  of  the  PET tea  bottles  were  analyzed.  Results showed  that  floral  aroma  has  high  correlation  with  the  emotion  of  free  and  satisfied  feeling. Sweetness correlate with the happiness and calm. In contrast, bitterness and bitter aftertaste have high correlations with the flat and mild feelings. The total polyphenols of five brands PET bottles were above 400 ppm which comply National Indonesian Standard for tea beverage. The high reduction  of  the  pH  occurred  for  one  brand  while  the  others  remain  stable.  Increasing thearubigins were observed. In opposite, reduction of theaflavins were significant in 45oC stored samples. The longer the product stored in 45oC incubator, the highest reduction observed in all tea samples. To sum up, from the five commercial tea brands were quite stable when subjected to high temperature of storage 45oC incubator and sweetness attribute for the PET tea bottles makes the consumer feeling happy and fulfilled.

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