Modelling Software As a Service for Greenhouse Automation System with Internet Of Things

Yogiswara Yogiswara, Husin Husin


Greenhouse is a building that serves to protect plants from adverse climatic conditions for  plant  growth.  Now,  many  greenhouses  are  developed with  automation  systems  to  control climate  and  regulate  fertigation  systems.  Internet  of  Things  (IoT)  technology  has  also  been implemented to support the greenhouse automation system so that control and observation of greenhouse automation instruments can be accessed via the internet. SaaS technology (Software as  a  service)  is  a  cloud  product  designed  to  serve  the  needs  of  online  applications  so  that greenhouse owners can use applications easily without developing applications independently. This  research  was  conducted  to  develop  a  greenhouse  automation  model  with  SaaS-based applications. starting from survey and needs analysis, system modeling using service-oriented architecture  (SOA)  method  and  implemented  using  the  Node-Red  application.  The  testing method is carried out by measuring service speed in automation system applications in two types of services. telemetry data sensor services and instructions for running an actuator. The results of this study indicate that automation systems with saas platforms can functionally function like local automation systems. Internet connection latency time is one variable that affects the speed of data services.

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