Identification Strawberry Maturity using Naive-Bayes and Image Processing

Wahyu Winarno, Hendra Yufit Riskiawan, Taufiq Rizaldi, Dwi Putro Sarwo Setyohadi


Strawberry is one of the fruits that can grow and develop well in a country that has a tropical climate such as Indonesia, the interest of countries with moderate climate to strawberries makes this fruit become one of the export commodities that are quite popular. Indonesia has an average value of strawberry exports reaching 19 tons per year in 2009-2013. The high export value raises several problems, one of which is the selection of strawberry fruit to produce quality products. The selection process carried out with visual perception raises the problem of accuracy to measure the maturity of strawberry fruit. The solution that can be applied to overcome these problems is to use image processing. This study extracts percentage values of RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) color parameters from the image of strawberry fruit. The color extraction results are then classified with the help of the Naive Bayes method to determine whether the strawberries are ripe or not.

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