Quality Detection of Citrus Reticulata Using K-Nearest NeighbourMethod

Dwi Putro Sarwo Setyohadi, Trismayanti Dwi Puspitasari, Hendra Yufit Riskiawan, Alan Rifai


Sorting or selection is one of a series of post-harvest activities which are generally carried out on a packing ward or in a garden with the aim of separating suitable and unfit fruit to be marketed. Sorting is also carried out to meet the quality requirements set by the government or  market.  Sorting  process  usually  using  a  manual  method.  This  is  less  efficient  because sometimes the fruit is not sorted properly, resulting in good quality sorted at poor quality. Based on that, technology is needed that can help farmers in detection the quality of citrus fruits. Digital image processing is one technique that can be used to identify the quality of citrus reticulata. KNN is a method uses a supervised algorithm that stores all available cases and classifies new cases based on a similarity measure. The purpose of this algorithm is to identify new objects based on attributes and training data. The accuracy of this application is 100% for k 3 and 93% for k 5.

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