Modeling production schemes for oyster mushroom commodities and their processed products using a supply chain management approach

Dwi Putro Sarwo Setyohadi, Hendra Yufit Riskiawan, Budi Hariono, Fathoni Dwi Kurnianto


Oyster  Mushroom  is  one  of  the  superior  products  of  Ranu  Pakis  Village  in Klakah  District,  Lumajang  Regency,  East  Java.  From  the  procurement  of  raw  materials, storage,  production  to  marketing  and  distribution  of  processed  mushroom  products  have been  carried  out  in  one  cycle  in  the  village  of  Ranu  Pakis.  To  increase  the  leverage  of innovation and  product  competitiveness  towards  similar  products,  innovation,  efficiency and competitive strategies are needed. Therefore the role of Supply Chain Management is needed to be able to contribute to the efficiency of oyster mushroom producers, in order to provide  and  maintain  customer  satisfaction  which  is  the  ultimate  goal  of  creating sustainability and development of production and most importantly the cultivation of oyster mushrooms in Klakah, Lumajang, East Java.

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