IbDM Rowosari Village Sumberjambe District, Jember Regency as Village Organic Farming Center

Dwi Rahmawati, Triono Bambang Irawan, Hariyono Rakhmad, Putri Santika


The State Polytechnic of Jember Development Program for Village Partner (PPDM) of 2017 has been well completed. This first year activity focused on the basic step of building the concepts of organic village through these following steps : (1) the existence of the same perception (conceptual) between academics, practitioners, bureaucracies, entrepreneurs and the communities; (2) Building the"image" of  organic  farming  as  a  sustainable  healthy  food  producer;  (3)  Assembling  organic  farming technologies  which  involves  farmers,  on  an  ongoing  basis.Therefore,  the  second  year  of  PPDM activity  is  planned  to  include:  1)  Developing  applicative  technology  for  organic farming  system  by focusing  on  physical  activity,  such  in  the  restoration  of  a  simple  green  house  with  automated technology based on micro controller to support organic farming activities; 2) Encouraging partners from  both  private  sectors  and  the  government to  activite  BumDes;  3)  Arranging  some  pioneer programs  about  Organic  Agriculture  System  (SPO)  such  as  the  certification  of  organic  vegetable products and simple patents of pesnab; 4) Improving the profile website of Desa Mitra.In completing the activities in the second year, asides from having a partnership with Tani Jaya II association, Polije PPDM  team  also  cooperates  with  the  Community  and  Village  Improvement  Agency  of  Jember Regency, through the signing of MOU that has been  made in the document of the Joint Agreement Letter between the Regional Government of Jember Regency and State Polytechnic of Jember on last October  2017.Up  to  July  2018,  there  are  several  activities  that  have  been  carried  out:  1)  The development of applicative technology for organic farming by focusing on physical activities, which in the restoration of a simple green house with automated technology based on micro controller which can  support  organic  farming  activities;  2)  Arranging  some  pioneer  programs  about  Organic Agriculture  System  (SPO)  with  the  registration  of  a  simple  MOL  patent

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