Development of Organic Rice Center in Sumberbaru Village, Singojuruh Sub-District, Banyuwangi District

Muhammad Zayin Sukri, Surateno Surateno, Vega Kartika Sari


The main benefits of organic rice compared to conventional rice are organic rice is safe to consume, the taste of rice is more fluffy and more sticky, rice storage can last for  24  hours,  while conventional rice  starts  to  stale  after  12  hours.  Banyuwangi District is  one  of  the  producers  of  organic  rice  in  East  Java.  Local  government  of Banyuwangiis  targeting  200  hectares  of  rice  fields  to  be  certified  organic  by  2020. Currently only 45 hectares of rice fields have organic certificates, while 110 hectares are  still  in  the  conversion  category,  namely  the  transition  from  inorganic to organicfields.  The  purpose  of  this  Partnership  Village  Development  Program (PPDM)  is  to  realize  the  prosperous  farming  community  of  Sumberbaru  village through optimal and sustainable management of local resources and increasing the area  and  number  of  members  of  organic  rice  farmers.  The  method  used  in  this program is  a  participatory  method  of  members  of  farmer  groups of  Sirtanio  and Mendo Sampurna, partners with implementing teams, both in socialization, training and demonstration. The results achieved include: 1) Coordination with Partners, 2) Preparation  of  training  materials  including  composting,  Local  Micro  Organisms, Plant  Growth  Promoting Rhizobacteria,  liquid  organic  fertilizers,  vegetable pesticides  and  making  biological  agents,  3)  Socialization  of  organic  rice,  4  ) Farming management and organizational governance development, 5) Guidance for organic  rice  cultivation  by  conducting  one  hectare  demonstration  plot,  namely  to provide a demonstration of the correct organic rice cultivation method, 6) Training in  making  organic  compost,  7)  Training  in  making  Local  Micro  Organism,  Plant Growth  Promoting  Rhizobacteria,  Liquid  Organic  Fertilizer,  8)  Training  in  making vegetable pesticides and biological agents.

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