Design of Artificial Neural Networks to Recognize Electrical Load

Ahmad Fahriannur, Yuli Hananto, Vita Permatasari


The human need for electrical energy is currently very large. Especially for the needs inthe field of industry, research and education and household. In these fields, electrical energy can be  said  to  be  the  main  requirement. Any  use  of  electrical  energy,  required  fees  paid  to  the government company. The fee is paid based on the amount of electricity consumed. There is a study  built  to  detect  the  amount  of  electricity  consumption. Jumrianto, built  a  1  phase  AC electric  energy  measuring  device  using  a  microcontroller  whose  results  are  displayed  to  the LCD.  The  calculated  energy  involves  the  value  of  the  power  factor,  so  that  it  can  be  more accurate in calculating the use of inductive electrical loads [1]. R.Bhavani dan Prashanth B.U.V built a tool for calculating the consumption of electrical energy wirelessly that can be monitored remotely through computers and cellphones [2] [3].

In  this  study,  a  system  is  built  that  not  only  measures  the  consumption  of  electrical energy, but also can recognize the type of load that is active. The system consists of a series of sensors that are processed using an Arduino microcontroller for and using the Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Algorithm with a Backpropagation method built into the computer to identify load usage. ANN is a reliable method for pattern recognition [4] and has been used in previous studies with a success rate of 86% [5]. Expenses are recognized by analyzing the shape of the current pattern of each load taken by several samples. The result of the recognition of the load is displayed to the computer.

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