Designing of Energy Harvester Utilizing The Foot Pressure on a Shoe for Farmers in Remote Area

Meilana Siswanto, Ahmad Fahriannur


The energy of foot pressure on footwear is still not used properly and wasted. With the energy crisis that will occur in the world in the future, the search for renewable new energy is an interesting research topic. This paper focuses on designing energy harvesting by utilizing foot pressure on shoes as a source of voltage for a power bank dedicated to farmers in remote areas. This design is implemented by placing three piezoelectric sensors arranged in parallel on the  back  of  the  heel  shoes  which  have  more  pressure  energy  than  other  places.  The piezoelectric  sensor  will  convert  the  pressure  energy  to  an  electrical  voltage  of  about  3  to  5 Volts  depending  on  the  strength  of  the  foot  pressure  and  the  number  of  sensors  used.  The resulting voltage will then be stabilized and stored in the power bank in the shoe. Three parallel piezoelectric  sensors  can  produce  a  stable  voltage  of  5  volts,  which  is  very  sufficient  as  a voltage source for charging a power bank. Difficulties in finding voltage sources for charging electronic devices while in a remote area or while traveling can be overcome with this system.

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