Overweight and Obesity in Adolescence as A Risk Factor of Metabolic Syndrome

Puspito Arum, D A Perwiraningrum, A E Werdiharini, D I Amareta, D S H Putra, E T Ardianto


Metabolic syndrome become one of risk of degenarative disease, like coronary heart disease (CHD) and Diabetes melitus (DM). Metabolic syndrome characterized by occurance of 3  of  these  symptoms  :  high  blood  pressure,  decrease  of  HDL-cholesterol  level,  increase  of LDL-cholesterol  level, increase  of    triglyseride  level,  increase  of    fasting  glucose  level, increase  of  waist-hip  ratio.  Metabolic  syndrome  is  often  related  to  obesity.  Adolescent  with obesity  has  more  risk  to  be  obese  adult  and  has  more  risk  to  be  suffered  from  metabolic syndrome  and  degenerative  disease.  This  study  aimed  to  identify  overweight  and  obese prevalence  in  adolescence  as  a  risk  factor  of  metabolic  syndrome. This  was  an  observational research  conducted  in  Junior  High  School  in  Jember. Two  hundred  and  ninety  four High School students were participated as subjects in this research. Their body weight, height, and BMI/Age  were  measure  as  research  variables. Prevalence  of  overweight  in  male  and  female adolescence  are  13.3%  and  18.4%  respectively.  prevalence  of  obesity  in  male  and  female adolescence are  11.2% and 7.2% respectively. Both, male and female adolescence, who have nutritional status overweight and obesity have same risk of emergence of metabolic syndrome in future.

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