Control of HIV/AIDS Diseases Using Expert System with Dempster Shafer Method

Faiqatul Hikmah, Sustin Farlinda, Mochammad Choirur Roziqin


HIV or AIDS is a disease that can not be cured. There is a lot of negative stigma for HIV patients in Indonesia. Psychological pressure will occur to HIV or AIDS patients and their families.  Ignorance  and lack  of  information  about  HIV  or  AIDS  the  causes  and  ways  of transmission of this disease resulted in HIV infected people. In addition it can also be due to reluctant to consult directly to the health care because of the negative stigma they will receive. For that we need a system called expert system. Basically the expert system is applied to support troubleshooting activities. In addition expert systems can also function as a clever assistant from an  expert.  The  knowledge  to  be  represented  in  the  expert  system  is  filled  with  elements  of uncertainty and disguise. One  way to  solve the problem of uncertainty can be done by  using Dempster Shafer method. This expert system is not to replace the function of HIV counselors but is only used as a complement to the limited tools. This expert system is also expected to help the layman in assessing how much the risk of HIV or AIDS exposure is exposed

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