The Identification of Nutritional Status Development Based on WHO At Bhayangkara Kindergarten (TK) Jember Police Resort

Indah Muflihatin, Galih purnasari, Selvia Juwita Swari


Parents should  be  well-informed  about toddler’s  nutritional  status. Providing early childhood  nutrition  and  cognitive  development,  improving  nutrition  also  impact the primary education  and  improvements  of  maternal  health.  This  research  aims to  identify toddler’s nutritional  disorders at TK Bayangkara  Polres  Jember.  It is a quantitative  research  based  on cross-sectional study.  The  research  results are analyzed through descriptive  analysis.    The result showed that 19,7 % of the childrens are overweight , 4,1 % are underweight and 3,2% are severely underweight.  Under-nutrition  (underweight and  severely underweight)  can  have health  consequences  such  as  stunted,  physical  growth  and  severely  impaired  cognitive development,  and  other  health  problems.  Over-nutrition  (overweight)  can  lead  to  non- communicable  diseases  (NCDs)  such  as  type  II  diabetes,  hypertension  and  some  types  of cancer. Parents should be provided with Health education such as early detection and how to prevent kids from nutritional disorder as lifestyle, access to healthy food, inadequate parenting, water quality, and inadequate health services are obviously related to malnutrition at the family level.

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