Study Comparative of Fuel Use Of Lpg, Pertalite , And Pertamax On Engine Erformance Armfield CM 11 MK II

Andik Irawan, Dicky Adi Tytagita


This study aims to compare the value engine performance of airfield cm 11. Testing engine performance for  compared  torque  and  power  by  mixed  fuel  pertalite  and  pertamax, 100%  pertamax  plus  and  100%  LPG.  The  method  used  is  experimental  with  parameters  rpm 1500,  3000  and  4500.  The  value  of  machine  performance  test  describes  the  character  of  the machine with variable of fuel usage. The use of emerald software is used as an airfield control system,  parameter  values  are  operated  through  emerald  software  as  well  as  a  defined  fuel selection  classification.  The  value  of  the  character  engine performance of airfield cm  11 machine.  The  optimal  torque  of  pertamax  fuel  usage  with  mixture  of  25%  and  50%  pertalite both has a value of torque of 6.1 Nm and 7.2 Nm at 4500 rpm and a power of 1.2 Kw, 1.6 Kw. LPG  fuel  torque  and  power  value  of  4.2  Nm  and  0.5  Kw  at  rpm  3000,  optimum  use  of  fuel pertamax plus torque of 8.3 Nm, 1.9 Kw of power at rpm 3000.

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Fuel engine based on octane number. Seen through the website page on August 15 2018 :


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