Decreased Effects of Hypertension Therapy Caused By Interaction Between Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors (ACE-Inh) And Bananas

Zora Olivia, Arinda Lironika Suryana


Prevalence of hypertension in Indonesia is quite high at 25.8%. Drug of choice for therapeutic treatment of hypertension is the class of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitor. ACE-inhibitors can increase potassium that have a role in blood pressure regulation. Bananas are a source of high potassium. When ACE-inhibitors are consumed with bananas, interactions may occur and will lead to adverse drug reactions such as hyperkalemia and decreased effects of  blood  pressure  therapy.  This  study  aimed  to  investigate  the  interaction  of  bananas  with captopril and lisinopril against systolic and diastolic blood pressure in hypertensive rats. This was  an  experimental  study  with  pre  test-post  test  control  group  design.  Thirty  rats  were randomly  divided  into  6  groups,  without  treatment  (negative  control),  hypertension  (positive control),  hypertension  with  treatment  1  (captopril  2.25mg/kgBW  once  a  day),  hypertension with treatment 2 (lisinopril 0.6mg/kgBW once a day), hypertension with treatment 3 (captopril with banana) and hypertension  with treatment 4 (lisinopril with banana). Blood pressure  was measured  using  Non  Invasive  Blood  Pressure  technique  equipped  with  Non  Invasive  Blood Pressure  System  (CODA®)  at  before,  after  3  days  of  treatment.  Data  were analyzed  by  One Way  Anova.  The  results  showed  that  there  was  a  significant  difference  in  systolic  blood pressure  between    groups  and  there  was  no    difference  in  diastolic  blood  pressure  (p>0.05). Consumption of captopril or lisinopril along with bananas for 3 days can lower systolic blood pressure but not lower diastolic blood pressure.

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