Analyze of Nutrition and Bioactive Compound in Unripe and Ripe Berlin Banana (Musa Acuminate) Flour

Ayu Febriyatna, Ratih Putri D, Firda Agustin


Berlin banana  (Musa acuminate) is  one  of  the  biggest  fruit  in  Indonesia, especially in East Java. Banana flour known has longer life. The ripeness of banana influences  nutrient  and  bioactive content.This  research  aimed  to  know  nutrition  and bioactive  compounds  on  unripe  and  ripe  Berlin  banana  flour. The banana  was obtained  from  Banyuwangi and  its  was processed  at  Food  Laboratory,  State Polytechnic  of  Jember. Proximateanalysisof  banana  flour usedgravimetric and volumetric methods to determine the nutrients content such as carbohydrates, protein, lipid,  water  and  ash content,  while  flavonoid,  magnesium,  and  potassium  were analyzed by spectrophotometry. Data were analyzeby descriptive. The result showed that  water content,  ash content,  lipid,  protein,  carbohydrates,  resistant  starch, flavonoid,  magnesium  and  potassium  on Unripe  Banana  Flour  (UBF)  were 6,53%; 2,14%;  1,07%;  4,23%;  86,02%;  40,01%;  241  mg/100g;  12,08  mg/100g  and  715 mg/100g respectively (p<0,05). Ripe banana flour (RBF)were 6,91%; 2,02%; 0,98%; 4,11%;  85,97%;    39,76%;  258  mg/100g;  12,16  mg/100g  and  709  mg/100g respectively  (p>0,05). UBF  analysis  of  Musa  acuminatae  has  more  ash,  fat,  protein, carbohydrate, resistant starch, and potassium content than RBF. Meanwhile, RBF has a higher water, flavonoid and magnesium content than UBF.

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