Transformational Leadership and Nurse Performance of PT. Perkebunan Nusantara

Raden Roro Lia Chairina, Raden Andi Sularso


Transformational  leadership  is  more  effective  and  better  if  applied  in  the  hospital sector.  Transformational  leadership  is  leadership  that  can  influence  the  behavior  of  others  in carrying out their work to achieve organizational goals. Nurses' clinical performance is expected to show their professional contribution in improving the quality of nursing services that have an impact on health services in hospitals. This study was conducted at PTPN hospital. Explanatory research design  with a sample size of 150 respondents, random sampling  method. This study uses PLS analysis. The novelty of this study is that transformational leadership with mediation of social competence and self-efficacy has a positive effect on performance, but it has a direct insignificant effect on nurse performance.

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