Determination Of Macronutrients Sequence On Red Chili Pepper (Capsicum Annuum L.) by Dris Method

Niniek Wihartiningsih, Nukhak Nufita Sari


Most of Indonesian like a spicy food, and they put chili pepper to get a spicy flavor. Due to of that, chili pepper becomes a primary ingredient in every single kitchen in Indonesia. The  increasing  of  chili  pepper  demand,  especially  red  chili  pepper,  do  not  meet  their production,  so  that  we  need  a  technology  to  improve  the  production.  DRIS  (diagnosis  and recommendation integrated system) is one of the way to identify the nutrient sequence needed by  plant.  Macronutrients,  such  us  nitrogen  (N),  phosphorus  (P),  and  potassium  (K),  are  an essential  nutrients  which  influence  the  plant  growth  and  development.  Knowing  what  the essensial  nutrients  sequence  needed  by  plant  can  optimalize  the  metabolism  system  which induce their production. This research was conducted to find out the macronutrients sequence needed  by  red  chilli  pepper  in  Wuluhan,  Jember.  This  area  is  a  center  area  of  chili  pepper cultivation in Jember. One area of red chili pepper cultivation field with high productivity was selected, then decided as an indicator. Two red chili pepper fields (Field 1 and Field 2) were selected purposesively, then samples (soils and leaves) were collected. Samples were analyzed then DRIS diagram were made. The results showed that those fields were K deficiency. Futhur analysis described nutrient  sequence in those area tended to be the same, there  were K>P>N and K>P≥N in Field 1 and Field 2, respectively. It means those areas should be fertilized first by potassium then phosphorus then nitrogen.

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