Android Control and Monitoring for Smart Campus with the Internet of Thing

Farisqi Panduardi, E S Haq


Informatics  engineering  study  program  at  Banyuwangi State  Polytechnic  has  8 laboratories with lots of electronic equipment in it. That is computers, air conditioners, lights, projectors, sound systems and network equipment. That equipment is used for practicum and other activities every day. The problem that often occurs is that the user forgets to turn off the equipment,  which  has  an  impact  on  the  swelling  of  electricity  bills  that  must  be  paid  by  the Banyuwangi  State  Polytechnic  every  month. The  same  as  other  equipment  outside  the Laboratory which often forgets to turn off and wants to be turned on when entering the room has an impact on the amount of electricity bill that must be paid. In general control of electrical equipment is still working manually so it is less effective. This prototype was made to make it easier for users to control electronic equipment remotely  using the internet in real time. This prototype  is  equipped  with  an  Android  application  to  facilitate  monitoring  of  electronic equipment in Banyuwangi State Polytechnic. This prototype is equipped with a current sensor so  that  it  can  see  the  amount  of  current  consumed  by  electronic  equipment,  but  it  can  also calculate  the  cost  used  by  the  electrical  equipment.  Users  can  also  turn  off  and  turn  on electronic  equipment  periodically  or  manually  remotely  using  the  Android  application. The detection  of  current  sensors  in  prototypes  has  an  error  below  0.01%  compared  to  manual measurements using avo meters

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