Efficiency of using nitrogen fertilizer in mustard by intercropping edamame soybeans to increase land productivity

Tri Rini Kusparwanti, Jumiatun Jumiatun


This  research  was  conducted  at  Experimental  Farm,  State  Polytechnic  of  Jember, from June to  August 2018. The purpose of this  study  was  to determine the proper dose of N fertilizer  on  mustard  plants  with  planting  patterns of  intercropping.  The  design  used  was  a randomized block non factorial design of 5 treatments Urea fertilizer (100,75,50,25 and 0 kg / ha) and 4 replications. The size of the treatment plot is 2m x 10m. the spacing used is 20 x 20 cm. in the monoculture cropping pattern, the planting population density is 250 plants, while in intercropping plants is 200 plants. The results of the study showed that the highest yield results in 100  and  75  Urea    kg/ha  fertilization  treatment,  the  ratio  of  land  equality  ratio  (LER)  was more than 1, so that land productivity increased by using intercropping patterns.

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