• Trismayanti Dwi Puspitasari
  • Z E Fitri
  • N S Indrastana
  • A D K Putra


Crops is one of agriculture part will be needed in the lives of human being. Food is a basic requirement for humans to be able to maintain life and hence the adequacy of food for every person at all times. Food security is a condition where the availability of food is sufficient for their food needs. It will continue to maintain the sustainability of food consumption and also help balance a fluctuation in prices and production of crops. Food availability is one aspect that exists in food security that is intended to fulfill a food need. Food security have several aspects, such as food availability, coverage, stability and quality of consumption. Mapping food security using Geographic Information System is important, by knowing the situation of food in the region, both the government and other institutions can make policies that are right on target. The objective of research will make a geographic information system related to food crop mapping to pay attention conditions of food security and can see the potential of food crop production from a sub-district that have high productivity especially for rice, cassava, sweet potato, soybean.


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