Representational and Ideational Meanings of Images and Texts of Tourism Promotion on Instagram


  • Siti Aisyiyah Politeknik Negeri Jember



Multimodal discourse analysis, representational meaning, ideational meaning, intersemiotic relation, Instagram


Tourism is one of prospective sectors to increase Indonesian economic level. It is crucial to develop effective promotion media of tourist destinations in Indonesia. One of the recent potential media is Instagram. This paper aims to investigate the representational and ideational meanings of visual and verbal modes, including their intersemiotic relations, in promoting Taman Nasional Komodo Labuan Bajo, focused on @btn_komodo as an official Instagram account of Balai Taman Nasional Komodo. The destination is one of the 5 super priority destinations in Indonesia. By applying the Visual Grammar framework (Kress & Van Leeuwen, 2006), this study views how the visual and verbal modes construe the meaning for the purpose of tourism promotion on the Instagram. The data was captured from Instagram posts in the form of visual texts (photos) and verbal texts (captions). The posts are predominantly communicated through the visual text, then completed, clarified and confirmed by the accompanying verbal text. Multimodal discourse analysis of the Instagram posts shows that both visual and verbal texts contribute the values of promotion. The result implies that future research should include more complete material of semiotic resources and implement more comprehensive analysis related to multimodal discourse.


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