Rini Fertiasari, Sri Mulyati, Ahmad Ridho


Sambas regency have 71,15 ha of land dragon fruit with daily production could reach 4 to 5 tons of fruit with 27 times every year. Diversification of products processed red dragon fruit based zero waste started from the problems that arise in the community when the mast. Dragon fruit class A,AB,B can be absorbed by the market, even that becomes products export to malaysia while the class aB and B is marketed to the east borneo. Grade C no consumers in the marketplace. In the quality of the fruits is only small size. Research objectives : 1. Fuctional diversification of food processed tea; 2. The utilization of the skin fruit as the concept of zero waste; 3. Know the carbohydrat by different; 4. Know the amount of calories in a serving of 100 grams of tea; 5. Increase income the community. The resulting product is a product of refined functional food which has additional functionality as processed food products for health. From the results of the laboratory test, in may the value of carbohidrat by different  was 41, 83 % and the number of calories was 201,57 kcal/100 grams


Keywords : dragon fruit, carbohidrat by different, diversified product, funtional food, zero waste


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