Autor(s): Muhammad Yusuf, Junyah Leli Isnaini
DOI: 10.25047/jii.v19i3.1680

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The Farmers in Minasa Baji village generally have used organic fertilizer in the form of cow dung is quite abundant in this village, in addition to chemical fertilizers (Urea, SP36, and KCl) as a source of plant nutrients. However, since cow dung is given to plants without going through the correct decomposition process, so not only does it contribute to the growth of the plant, potentially even becoming a pest and disease nest. On the other hand, as the loss of chemical fertilizer subsidies, the scarcity of chemical fertilizers and high prices in the market become a constraint farmers in the fulfillment of nutrient needs. Therefore, to anticipate the scarcity and high prices of chemical fertilizers, which tend to rise and the frequent occurrence of scarcity, it needs to look for an environmentally friendly substitute and able to substitute nutrient needs. Trichoderma technology that will produce Bokashi Plus T is able to meet the problem. The method of implementation consists of 3 methods: (1). Participatory education, (2) Training (demonstration and practice by participants), (3) Coaching and Assistance. The results of this activity are: (1) partners know the importance of using Trichoderma technology in the manufacture of organic fertilizer bokashi Plus T, (2) the partner is able to multiply his own bokashi starter, 3) Partners are able to own production Bokashi Plus T, 4) partners skilled apply bokashi independently in planting according to SOP.

 Keywords: Organic Farmers, Bokashi Plus T, Trichoderma

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