Peningkatan Kompetensi Guru dengan Pelatihan Penggunaan Aplikasi Mendeley dalam Penulisan Karya Tulis Ilmiah di SMA Negeri 1 Jember


  • Nanik Anita Mukhlisoh
  • Trismayanti Dwi Puspitasari
  • Khafidurrohman Agustianto


Consequence of teachers as functional positions is that teachers are required to develop sustainable profession, so that teachers can perform their duties and functions professionally. Development of sustainable profession is the development of teacher competence that is carried out in accordance with the needs, gradual, continuous to improve the professionalism one of them with scientific publication. Writing scientific papers for teachers can serve as a reference or reference to improve insight and disseminate knowledge. The fact of making scientific writing is not an easy thing, and again lately there have been several cases of plagiarism becoming a concern. Therefore writing about plagiarism becomes one of the important things understood by teachers, to avoid themselves from plagiarism practices. With the results achieved by this dedication, it is hoped that the above matters can be resolved. The results of the devotion show the high enthusiasm of the participants, so even in the activity it does not include testing of teachers. Based on the conclusions obtained from the presenters, the trainees can follow and understand the material delivered properly. Based on these results, teachers SMAN 1 Jember and teachers who are members of the MGMP-Biology Kab. Jember can make good scientific work then.


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