Performa Protokol Routing VOIP pada Jaringan MPLS VPN dengan Tunelling Open VPN


  • Denny Wijanarko
  • Bekti Maryuni Susanto


Multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) is a convergence of connection-oriented forwarding techniques and Internet routing protocols. This paper discusses the performance of OSPF and BGP routing protocols on MPLS VPN-based VOIP networks. The VPN used in this research is OpenVPN. MPLS VPN network is built using three LSR routers and two LER routers. The LSR router is responsible for carrying out packet forwarding while the LER router is responsible for adding or removing labels on packets leading to or leaving the MPLS domain. OpenVPN is responsible for securing VOIP communication channels by tuning. Evaluation is done by measuring the quality of VOIP service either by using MPLS or MPLS VPN. Based on the research results can be concluded that with the application of VPN on MPLS network able to improve Quality of Service (QoS) OSPF routing protocol on VoIP network. OSPF routing protocol has increased throughput value by 3% and jitter improvement by 26%. In BGP Protocol the application of VPN can improve the jitter value. VPN implementation makes communication channels safer.


Keywords— VOIP, MPLS, VPN, OpenVPN.


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