Studi Komparasi Data Uji Sensoris Makanan dengan Preference Test (Hedonik dan Mutu Hedonik), antara Algoritma Naïve Bayes Classifier dan Radial Basis Function Network


  • Huda Oktafa
  • M. Rizal Permadi
  • Khafidurrohman Agustianto


Bread is a food source of carbohydrates that is often consumed by the community. Various types of bread was to meet the consumer's curiosity, one of which is fresh bread. Manufacturers must be able to produce quality fresh bread and liked by consumers. Increasing the quality of bread will certainly have an impact on sales to be generated. One of the efforts in improving the quality of fresh uroti is by doing Hedonic test and Hedonic Quality test. This study aims to test the level of accuracy of candidate algorithms. The results of the research test shown that Naïve Bayes Classifier proved to be able to provide a high value of 95.6% but with a short time of execution, in testing to complete the 250 data it takes only 0.00 seconds, the time required under that number. By using the Naïve Bayes Calssifier algorithm the system is expected to provide an assessment of a bread product not to be accepted by the market or not, so it will be beneficial for the bakery industry to conduct product testing of the market tastes.


Keywords— Preference Test, Hedonic, Naïve Bayes Classifier, Radial Basisi Function Network



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