Hubungan Kepuasan Ibu Hamil dengan Motivasi dalam Melakukan Kunjungan Antenatal Care


  • Indah Muflihatin
  • Raden Roro Lia Chairina
  • Andri Permana Wicaksono


Antenatal Care (ANC) is a pregnancy medical checkup to optimize the physical and mental health of the pregnant mother. Based on Rikesdas in 2010, the attainment of K1 was 92,7% of the 96% target, while K4 was 61,4% from the 88% target. The attainment of K1 and K4 range from the last 2 years in Puskemas Panti was still below the target which was K1 117%, yet K4 67,84%. In 2016 the range attainment of K1 from 589 pregnant mothers were 414 (70,29%), K4 from 227 pregnant mothers were 38,54. This research is a quantitative in nature with a cross sectional design. The population was the entire of pregnant mothers in Puskesmas Panti. The sample was the pregnant mothers who checked their pregnancy condition in that Puskesmas taken by total sampling. The data was collected by questionnaire. It employed descriptive and inferential data analysis that was Pearson correlation.The result showed that 48 respondents satisfied with the checkup and 36 respondents were motivated to check their pregnancy condition. Based on the hypothecal assessment, it was obtained P < 0,05 meaning that there was significant relationship between satisfaction and motivation. It can be the cores to improve the quality of health services so that pregnant mothers can be more motivated to do antenatal care. This ACN effort was also as an early detection for the risky pregnant mother to be checked soon to prevent the risk of death.


Keywords— Satisfaction, motivation,antenatal care checkup


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