Pengembangan Kewirausahaan Agribisnis Sapi Perah dengan Analisis Medan Kekuatan


  • Uyun Erma Malika
  • Jemi Cahya Adiwijaya


The needs of domestic milk have increased every year. The supply of domestic cow milk productions haven’t been able to suffice it. Based on Oulook Agricultural Commodities Sub Sector of Milk Livestock in 2016 by the Ministry of Agriculture, dairy domestic production can sufficient only 21% of the national consumption, while the remaining 79% has come from imports. The data also interprets that it’s a great opportunity to develop dairy entrepreneurs in Indonesia, especially for potential areas. The purpose of this study are to identify the entrepreneurship competence of dairy farmers, and determine the strategy to develop dairy agribusiness entrepreneurship. This research is a kind of descriptive and quantitative research. The instrument that used in this research used open questionnaires and interviews. Analysis of data used Check List methods and Force Field Analysis. The results of this study show that the competence categorized of dairy farmers in Jember District are good in technical skill (77.07%) and managerial skill (70%). Based on the results of force field analysis shows that the development strategy of dairy agribusiness entrepreneurship that can be done among others: (1) increasing the productivity of dairy; (2) strengthening the institutional system of dairy breeders; (3) managerial facilitation of dairy farmer group members; and (4) counseling and training about technics for knowing the signs of lust the dairy cows.


 Keywords— entrepreneurship, agribusiness, dairy cows, force field analysis


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