Rancang Bangun Sistem Security Door Lock Berbasis PI Camera dan Sensor Sidik Jari


  • Fendik Eko Purnomo
  • Syamsiar Kautsar


In some locations, security systems are a priority. One is the location of the laboratory. Many valuable research tools and equipment are available in the laboratory. To improve the security system, the laboratory acces is equipped with a digital security system.  In this paper, we created a security doorlock with multi-feature.  We combine fingerprint recognition systems and image matching method using cameras. An ATMega2560 microcontroller is used as the main controller. Image processing is powered by a raspberry and pi camera device.The security door lock system is also equipped with data logger. By using this system, the laboratory can be accessed easily, simply and safely.


Keywords— image processing, microcontroler, raspberry PI.



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