Pengembangan Layanan Aplikasi E- Konsul


  • Ratih Ayuninghemi Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Terapan
  • Atma Deharja


Health information is a very important part of daily life, where health information is obtained one of them by direct consultation with the doctor. The consultation is done by face to face with the doctor. Based on interviews conducted on several patients in some clinics, the patient obtained health information by visiting the clinic and consulting the doctor directly. Submission of health information is perceived to be lacking due to limited time by clinic hours, whereas many patients are in dire need of health information and health consultations quickly and do not want to be bound by clinical opening time, even patients have health problems when the clinic is closed, and requires medical consultation. The aim of this research is to build an e-consul application (virtual physician) with the approach of Information Technology is one form of service application. This application is built so that patients can find out about health information by means of question and answer to e-consul. Patients enter questions about health or health issues in the form of text, then e-consul will respond in response to patient questions. So as to facilitate someone in health consultation and get information health problems and provide information on first aid in a disease and symptoms symptoms. The e-consul application also features articles so doctors can also share information from their knowledge to patients. This application is built by utilizing mobile-based application technology. 

Keywords— virtual doctor, mobile application


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