Pendinginan Refrigerasi Untuk Air Pendingin Kondensor Sebagai Upaya Penghematan Penggunaan Air


  • Dedy Eko Rahmanto
  • Siti Diah Ayu Febriani


Thermal destilation need cooling process for condensation process. The cooling process usually use water. These process need water in large quantities so it can inhibit the destilation process due to lack of water. The aim of the research was to design the condenser of cooling process for destilation using heat pump of refrigeration system to decrease water utilization because the water can be resirculated. The parameters were determined i.e water temperature, electrical power of the compressor, and cooling time. The result showed that the water temperature was decreased about 11,4 oC in 30 minutes. The destilator type of GFL 2012 need the cooling water about 210,19 liter/h, while the  destilator type of GFL 2004 need the cooling water about 33,62 liter/h. The destilator type of GFL 2012 and the destilator type of GFL 2004 required a heat release rate of 140,87 up to 156,05 J/g of cooling water. These capasity can cool and conserve the use of distillator cooling water up to 11,16 kg/h.


Keywords— cooling, destillation,  refrigeration,  water.


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