Preliminary Study Pemanfaatan Energi Panas Mesin Mobil Sebagai Sumber Tegangan Power Bank


  • Meilana Siswanto
  • Ahmad Fahriannur


Electric energy needs in the car for charging mobile phone, car refrigerator and other electronic equipment, so far still utilize electrical energy stored in battery. The car engine that always releases heat energy, has not been utilized properly and wasted away just as it cools the engine. By adding a transducer and an electronic circuit, the engine's heat energy can be converted into an electric voltage. The voltage will then be stabilized and stored in the power bank as a voltage source for charging mobile phones, car refrigerators and other electronic devices in the car. That way the need for electrical voltage source for electronic devices in the car is not taken from car batteries. Implementation has been done by placing a thermoelectric generator (TEG) on a hot car engine or other parts that have excessive heat. The peltier element in TEG will convert the heat energy into electrical energy as a result of the potential difference that occurs on both sides of the element. The amount of voltage generated is proportional to the temperature difference between the hot side and the cold side of the peltier element. Electronic circuits are required to stabilize the resulting voltage. Stable voltage will then be stored in the power bank as an alternative voltage source for electronic devices in the car, thus reducing the car battery's workload and expected to increase the battery lifetime.


Keywords— Thermoelectric generator, converting heat to voltage, TEG peltier element, heat-to-voltage conversion, renewable energy.

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