Peningkatan Prestasi Motor Diesel dengan Metode Optimalisasi Sistem Intake Manifold Turbo Fan Axial


  • Ahmad Robiul Awal Udin
  • Adityo Adityo


The development of motor vehicle technology underlies the urgency of increasing the efficiency of the engine to the fuel requirements that will be used in the combustion process to produce output parameters. One of the elements for an effective combustion process for the composition of the fuel mixture is the quantity and the air capacity to be supplied to each cylinder. In diesel motors the air requirement at the time of suction step one of them influenced intake manifold system design which is a minor losses flow. Turbo Fan Axial in intake manifold diesel motor system, it is expected that air supply capacity can be fulfilled and can minimize minor losses, so that the engine performance of torque and engine power has increased. With Performance Air Intake System method by forcing Air Input  through the blades of Fan Axial. This research using quasi experimental method by comparing between intake manifold diesel motor with and without installation of turbo fan axial. The results obtained an average torque increase of 22%, with the highest torque at the beginning of 1150 rpm engine speed of 41.8 Nm, while the average power increase of 13% with a power value of 8 KW at 2200 rpm engine speed.


Keywords—  Performance Engine, Diesel Engine, Intake Manifold, Turbo Fan Axial.


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