Produksi Beras Tiruan dari Jagung, Kedelai dan Ubi Kayu Lokal Menggunakan Eut (Ekstruder Ulir Tunggal) dan Fermentasi Bakteri L. Plantarum Polije 15420 untuk Penderita Diabetes Mellitus


  • heri warsito
  • agus santoso


Until now the advantage of food is hindered by the diversification in consume rice and even indonesia including one of the countries with the level of consumption of rice highest per capita of the population who also happens to be one of the causes of the increase in the number of diabetes .One of the solutions is the development of an imitation of local rice material .The other hand the development of rice an imitation been one of problems because of the delay of the study formulations besides mocaf rheologis associated with the nature of the material of which have not yet been widely known as well as the complexity of management process if using ekstruder .One of ekstruder that allows used in the process of making rice threaded ekstruder imitation is the single .Currently the development of threaded ekstruder single has been through a variety of a research which was done by the research team polije and was in the process a patent ( p00201100694 drafting and in any process of making formulations rice an imitation of the new strain of bacteria has not used L. Research objectives applied products in its first year this is optimize threaded and die ekstruder formulations rice and the determination of an imitation and testing ekstuder performance against formulations that they have developed .The second year product character to the assessment test one of them is from the acceptance and the worthiness of the commercial production of the economy to .Results in the first year has been obtained ekstruder single threaded polije have a speed of threaded 150 -- 200 rpm ( 180 rpm ) with speed fluid 1.2 x 1 0-1 7 pa and software fluent use results or the value of the velocity of fluid flow average the increases in screw out of the corner of 2.5 degrees at 0,26417857 m / s while to corner the 5 degrees and 7.5 degrees as much as 0,2649498 m / s and 0,2649498 m / s. Ekstruder produced can optimal to the use of formulation 30 % corn and 40 % mocaf and other materials ( in the process of drafting a patent ).Characteristic of an important starting to rice an imitation polije is the value of development of 229 % and amylose 17.5 %.The early done in mice shows the ig rice an imitation polije is 62 and the use of 3 ( three months showed that the decrease in sugar and allegedly the improvement of sensifitas insulin caused the womb authors material rice an imitation.


Keyworsd— artificial rice; diabetes; fermentation mocaf; l. Plantarum


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