• Agus Hariyanto
  • Bekti Maryuni Susanto


Agriculture plays a major role directly or indirectly in improving the economies of developing countries such as India, China, Brazil, Indonesia etc. In the current liberalization era, every competitive sector including agriculture, so to compete the agricultural sector must also use information technology to achieve maximum benefits. Most rural areas are dependent on agriculture, poor in information and lack of facilities to use the latest technology results. This research implements cloud object storage in agricultural data centers. Cloud object storage is built using swift openstack on a server cluster. Average bandwidth usage in cloud object storage uses swift openstack for large file sizes of 11 MB / s. The advantages of using cloud object storage, including which can be used to handle disaster recovery. In this study the agricultural data center is used to store monitoring data, such as temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind direction and soil fertility. Data stored in the data center is then used to determine the right time to start planting and what crops are in accordance with the existing soil fertility. The evaluation is done by measuring the performance of the agricultural data center.


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