• Nyoman Suyasa
  • Ida Ayu Parwati


Native chicken is one of the producers of animal protein that has a high taste and is in demand by many consumers. The decline in the population of native chickens are causing the Central Agricultural Research and Development Agency has begun to make a breakthrough by producing superior types of native chicken, namely Sensi and KUB, which are expected to be able to increase the interest of farmers. The study was conducted in Jehem Village, Bangli Regency, For observations of the anatomical and carcass characteristics performance, 60 chickens, consisting of male and female Sensi 1, as well as male and female KUB, each had 15 tails, The results obtained showed that the male live weight of Sensi was 1,72 while male KUB was 1,71 kg / head, while female Sensi was 1,30 higher than female KUB 1,14 kg / head, The length of male KUB legs reach 19,33 and Sensi 20 cm, while for female KUB 15,17 and Sensi 16,67 cm, Body length of male KUB 24, Sensi 27 cm and female KUB 23,33 and Sensi 23,67 cm, For carcass weight, KUB male reached 1038,33 and Sensi1076,33 gr, and for the thigh weight of the male KUB and Sensi are 192,34 and 189,00 gr / head, For each wing weight 153,67; 163,34; 108,00 and 99,00 gr /head.


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