• Sri Sundari
  • A Ahsin Kusuma M


Nowadays, Mocaf (modified cassava flour) is a kind of popular snack. It can be found in some souvenir or gift shop with various flavor.  Mocaf snacks al so consumed i n casual  condi t i on or wor ki ng t i me.  Di an Ni t a i s l eadi ng mocaf snacks product i on as an i nnovat i on of Modi fi ed Cassava Fl our  product s i n a si mpl e met hod.  Some issues were found before the partnership program such as mocaf dough was produced by manual method that only created small capacity with slow rate production; unattractive packaging design; shorttime product durability; don’t have P-IRT authorization; difficult to count the cost of goods manufactured and determine the sales cost that caused inaccurate to counting net profit from this mocaf business. With this program the issues can be solved by (1) Implementing more efficient technology with multipurpose mixer to improve capacity and productivity; ( 2 )  Using modern oven that equipped with temperature control to make products maturity more distributed; (3) Re d e s i g n p a c k a g i n g  a n d  p u t  i n f o r ma t i o n  a b o u t  e x p i r e d  d a t e ,  P - I RT n u mb e r  a n d h a l a l  l a b e l ; (4) Completing Business Registration Number, industrial business permit, and perform nutrition test; (5) Improving business management by applying small medium enterprises accountancy, upgrading the operational production method, market segment and marketing,both online and offline stores.


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