Engineering of Ergonomic and Affordable Rice Planting Tool for Efforts to Meet the Energy Scarcity of Agriculture

Anang Supriadi Saleh, Muqwin Hasyim RA, Yossi Wibisono, Supriono Supriono, Yana Suryana


The aim of this research to develop a simple rice seedling transplanter with a crank system for two lines, the manufacturing costs are cheap and affordable, ergonomic, lighter and easy maintanance. Agricultural activities are mostly found in rural areas and many land conditions are divided into small plots, making it difficult to implement mechanized machinery, especially planting machines of the field rice seedlings, this causes farmers to be reluctant to use these machines in addition to expensive prices. Expectations of the results of this study can motivate farmers to implement rice seedlings planting tools that begin with simple technology and can overcome the scarcity of planters so as to support the food security program. The design approach is based on a functional design and structural design. The stages of designing this machine include problem identification, formulation and refinement of ideas, selection of draft concepts, analysis and creation of working drawings, manufacturing of prototype tools, testing and refinement of prototype tools. Field testing showed that this rice seedling planter had a working capacity of 0.03ha/hour, at road speed of 0.5km/hour. 1. Introductions Transplanter of rice seedlings is a tech

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