Augmentation Model of Trichogramma japonicum for Yellow Rice Stem Borer


  • Mochamad Syarief Politeknik Negeri Jember
  • Iqbal Erdiansyah


This study aims to identify the diversity of yellow rice stem borer 2 . The results showed that parasitoid egg associated with YRSB, includes Tetrastichus schoenobii Ferr, Telenomus rowani Gahan and Trichogramma japonicum Ashm .Yellor Rice Stem Borer attack intensity at 4 WAP, 5 WAP and 8 WAP, non augmentation treatment shows higher than augmentation. The yield of dry weight grain without augmentation was 40.543 grams per clump higher than augmentation was 27.369 grams per clump.


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